Don’t throw your batteries in the trash!

This is the aftermath of fun times!  A pile of dead batteries that once gave life to wireless video game controllers and wireless mice now sit on the kitchen table.  As you can see, we are not loyal to one brand.  We grab what is on sale and also have a few rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately, we don’t have many charging stations to satisfy our immediate need when one battery dies, especially during an epic battle in Halo! (a really cool game by the way.  I admit.  I have joined in on a few matches, getting my booty whipped and laughing as it’s happening) So, we resort to buying mass quantities of AA batteries.

Just last year, I would toss these into the trash not even giving it a second thought.  Now running a composting business,  I TRY my best to watch what is heading to the landfill.   Realizing we can’t feed batteries to the Red Wigglers, we bagged them under the kitchen sink next to the other recycling containers.  Yesterday the bag was about to bust so I called the landfill to see if they could be put at the curb for pickup.  Nope, they have to be dropped at the Hazardous Waste Building, an annex next to the Recycling Center.

Before taking them, I dumped them onto the table to get a picture for my post.  I couldn’t believe how many we bought over the past year!

Yuck!  I really wish I put something on the table before I dumped them.  This battery was already leaking the bad stuff!  What it is….. I don’t really know to be honest with ya!  I just have a feeling it can’t be good because my hair had a run in with a dead car battery that was stored in the back of my trunk when I skipped high school!   ‘nough said!

Bottom Line:  Bring your batteries to the Hazardous Waste Department (just that name let’s me know…the things inside the batteries are not good for the planet!)

The Red Wigglers will devour a few non food items, like coffee grounds and filters, newspapers, eggshells, toilet paper rolls, and compostable baby wipes, but they will not munch on batteries!  Who would blame them?