Frogger pen and pencil holder!

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An empty can which once housed delicious black olives was sitting in the recycling bin before "little a" got her hands on it!

Now it is absolutely gorgeous! Froggers and Polka dots!!

"little a" added her special touch of love

My, lovely, gentle, sweet, kind, father-in-law turned 75 yesterday.  “Little a” had made him a few gifts already and was not satisfied.  She needed one more!  As I was doing my “work stuff”, she was rummaging through the recycling bin under the cabinet.  She found a can and decided to make a pen and pencil holder.  At first, she was going to cover it with wrapping paper and call it good.  I suggested she use the fabric that she bought a few weeks ago. She liked the idea and was off and running to create something special.

She made sure she had all of her supplies.

1) the can

2) some fabric

3) scissors

4) hot glue gun (be so careful with these! ouchy!)

5) a permanent marker

As she was working, I made sure to take pictures.  She was recycling!

I was so proud when she gave her grandpa the gift, and he was so honored to have received it!  Receiving a home made gift from a child is really special!  I was fighting the tears that were building in my eyes as he was opening the gifts from the kids.  When he was finished, I scooted to the bathroom and let them flow.  I thought I got away undetected, but then there was a knock at the door.  Carlos was there and saw that I was crying.  He gave me a huge hug.  I had to let him know that he has a wonderful, sweet kind dad!  I cleaned up my face and headed back to the party!  Carlos wasn’t the only one who saw my tears…. (geez, I need to control those things!)  My sister-in-law, Patty, was standing there and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear “There’s nothing better than this.  This right here is as good as it gets!”  I couldn’t agree more!  The love from family members is so freakin’ overwhelming sometimes!