Aspen Academy has joined the Red Army!

Today, I went to deliver a pound of Red Wigglers to Aspen Academy, a BEAUTIFUL preschool in a quiet neighborhood in Bend.  When I pulled up, I was really impressed with the school. The yard was well manicured with a play structure and fun toys appropriately placed on the lawn.  There was a chicken coop, sand box and raised garden beds, welcoming the kids to come and play.

Teresa, owner, director and lead teacher,  was inside the school on the floor engaged with 2 little ones, sorting some toys.  I greeted her as Laurie then had to elaborate and let her know I was Wonder Worman.  Then the connection was made.  She only knew me as Wonder Worman :^)  She led me to the worm bin, and I released the Red Wigglers into their new comfy plastic bin which was already set up with bedding and holes for aeration.

Teresa decided to purchase Red Wigglers after Denise from the Environmental Center visited and shared the value vermicomposting.  Composting fits into the philosophy of Aspen Academy.  They are a certified Eco-Friendly Child Care Provider.  Check out their web site for full details.  I am happy to know my Red Wigglers will be members of another nature friendly school.




Here’s a shot of the back yard.  The raised beds are in the foreground, the play structure in the middle, and the chicken coop in the background.