Biodegradable Plates and Corn Cups into compost bin

I am trying something new in a worm bin today, adding biodegradable plates and corn based plastic cups. Some blogs and sites claim that it will take about 180 days to decompose. Some also say the corn based plastic cups will not be eaten by the worms and will just break down without them. I am not completely sure if the worms will speed up the process. Knowing that they speed up composting, I think they will do the same with this stuff.

The plates will probably be o.k. for the worms, and I will make sure they are moist before I put them in the bin. The cups, on the other hand, make me nervous. I don’t trust the plastic. Even if they are corn based, they are still plastic.
I need to record the events! I tend to be a slacker!

Watermelons, Bowling and Worms

Play Outdoors is a cute kids store in Bend! They were having an outdoor party for kids a few weeks ago. Carlos saw an ad in our local paper and suggested I collect their damaged watermelons after “Watermelon Bowling”! After calling the store and getting the O.K. to pick up the watermelons, I thought…”Cool! My Red Wigglers are gonna be sooo stoked! They love watermelons!

Ana is ready to strike!
Gavin and Max are cheering her on!

Gavin, my nephew, is visiting over the summer. He could NOT wait to get his hands on a watermelon.

I love his expression!

This is actually Gavin’s carnage! He asked if there were any rules and got the response he wanted!

“No Rules!!!! Except to have FUN!!!!

He was the first kid to smash a watermelon!

Gavin set the stage for complete wreckage!

After a week of feasting, all of these are gone!!!!!

Way, way cool! Yo! (just got back from NYC)