Wonder Worman is a Super Hero

Last Wednesday morning, I was reading The Source, the weekly newspaper in Bend. They have a section called “Cold Call” where they go around town asking various questions. This weeks question was “Who is your favorite super hero?” A past worm buyer named Susan said “Wonder Worman.” I was laughing so hard and quickly showed my husband. Holy Cow, I am someones super hero. She went on to mention the worms and my business. To see the complete interview check out this weeks Source!

My Garden

My vegetable garden seems to be nearing the end of it’s growing season. We have eaten a lot of squash and snap peas! This has been out first year with the garden, and I am so pleased with the results.

We started the garden in late May, planting some from starters and some from seeds. They both grew rather well. When we began, we added soil from the local garden center. With some of the seeds/plants, I added my worm castings. They did rather well and was asked by many of the neighbors “Did you use fertilizer?” I just told them it was the castings.

We also used a cloth over the top which was used on the cold spring nights. We took those off in early July.

I look forward to doing this again next year.