Diary of a Worm

This is such a wonderful, sweet, happy, adorable kid’s book. It’s actually a book for anyone who wants to laugh and learn some cool info about worms.

Doreen Cronin writes informative info about worms and how much they have to offer in such a fun way. The book is written in a diary format. Harry Bliss has amazing illustrations, and is able to make a worm look “cute”!!! I’m all about the cute factor.
So if you have time, and you’re looking for a fun, easy read for yourself, your kids or your students. Pick up the book!!!
Forgot to mention, I do read this book to the students when I visit Bend’s Schools. Enjoy!!! Click below to buy the book at Powells.

Bend has been Growing!

I had the chance to speak at The Environmental Center in Bend on Feb 10, 2009. The night was sponsored by The Juniper Club Sierra Group. The turn out was terrific, 40 plus and their enthusiasm was amazing. The focus was on the benefits of composting with worms and also how to set up worm bins. Many of the people came with their own plastic bins, shredded newspaper and peat moss. I was able to share my experience and show lots of photos.

Getting started w/ Vermicomposting

Before picking up your Red Wigglers, make sure you have a place for them to live. Either an indoor or outdoor bin will do. The choice is up to you and your household needs. There are many options. You can purchase pre-fabricated plastic worm bins or make one yourself out of plastic or wood. Plastic bins are easy to set up and will last a long time. If you do decide to make a bin out of a store-bought plastic container, keep in mind Red Wigglers create a lot of moisture so make sure there are holes on the sides and bottom to allow for ventilation and drainage. Wonder Worman has used plastic bins in the past, but now prefers to use wooden bins for their ability to absorb moisture and overall ease of maintenance.

Both types of bins provide a home for your Red Wigglers to thrive in. The choice is really a matter of space available and amount of waste you can provide them.

For more information on getting started with your worm bin go here.

Wonder Worman has Worm Ts!

Wonder Worman went to great lengths (sometimes jumping worm bins in a single bound) to make sure these shirts met the standards of the League of Super Vermicomposters:

– 100% Organic Cotton
– Made in California
– Designed and Printed in Oregon
– Super Soft Feel
– Worn by The Wonder Worman

Feel comfortable knowing you’ll be wearing something that’s as friendly and organic as your Super Composting Red Wiggler sidekicks!
Check them out here!